Memories I: Birgothan (Volume VII)

Over Birgothan there were as many stars visible as they only appear in our minds when we remember marvelous nights. The large plaza, in which I met with them, was decorated in many colors, and from the crystal columns which surrounded it, floating sounds approached me. Their pitch varied, and they rose and died again. Sometimes only the feeling stayed, when single intervals let stars disappear and appear again. Perhaps this is what they call dradonia-ke--nanuay here, meaning the connection of the senses.

Our discussions were long and playful. The Dawrath gave me a scroll and asked me to translate what I read, even if my Ayganyal was only broken. As I experienced later, they drew really intelligent conclusions from my choice of words, which probably contained much information about my psychological disposition. And again and again, I noticed the changes in the crystals and in the sky. It was magic and playful at the same time, just like as if one lets thoughts dance over the bridges of the senses - they either fall, or the senses themselves drop into the lake of imagination. No, my attitude was not fatalistic. It corresponded to the geometry of the situation; a situation as we find it in curved space, right where the sum of the angles within a triangle exceeds 180 degrees. No, under no circumstances I could not use Pythagoras and his friendship any more.

The moons passed by, as the waxworks of the senses prepared me for the next day, whose tender dawn began to slowly remind me of the momentariness of things again. And still, these memories keep coming back frequently. Meanwhile, however, I have learned to understand the glow of even small lights as an advice which can make the smile of humans last for generations.

Max in July 2001

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