This part of the Nikomi Website is not expected to be an astronomy course.
The selection of subjects was done indivually and subjectively. The structure does not compare to the structure of astronomy lessons or astronomical books.
However, my goal is to open a window that shows the fascination of the complex connections between things. It may also be an invitation to understand size and distances in space. For this reason I created images which are supposed to make the phenomena within our universe a little more perceptible and vivid.

Star sizes in relation
Panoramic view of the moon-phases
Looking at the Earth-Moon-System
3D anaglyph image of the moon
(for red-blue glasses)
My astro-photography section in the art gallery
( / photography / astro-photography)
Mars and its moons seen from new perspectives
Mars moons Phobos and Deimos as virtual 3-D models
3D anaglyph images of Mars

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