Council Lenntay of the widhii Niaha-Moah
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Further Information:
Kheoah is, after Thaboanii, the second largest lenntay of the continent Tii-Banoah. Divided by the Maii River, which is about a thousand kilometers long, Kheoah is the cultural and economical metropolis of the northern part of the continent. Besides that, Kheoah has one of the largest flight-ports the ayganyayan cultures ever built.
The port is twelve kilometers long - a complex that served as a lifeline for the Tibanoay during the Age of States. Therefore, the inhabitants of Tii-Banoah were given the surname hawhesinay ke--githiduyin ("the air travelers"). A further characteristic of Kheoah is the gigantic old Shoy'g-doray temple on the south bank of the Maii. The endless, shiny front of the building consists of a white kind of the unique material they also used for the construction of the well-known Monastery of the Light [Karinn Fli-Tibii] in Iaywh (Bur-Tiisoyn)
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