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D'ai'b'oniaai legation
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In the lonely Northwest of the widhii Jir Nidey the small lenntay Golay rises on the meager rocks of the jagged and cliffy West coast. Only two ways, both leading through the columbayan rocky desert, connect Golay with the northern Iwirgha and Central Council Lenntay Tir in the South, which is nearly 800 kilometers away. It's a strange little place surrounded by a huge gulf that's even named after it. And if well-known Tir was not incomparably larger than Golay, certainly this coastal place would also be the Council Lenntay of Jir Nidey.

The reason for this importance of Golay is indeed not its size. Actually, the special feature of Golay is of religious and cultural kind: In the southeast of the lenntay you find a real architectural marvel - the Dome of Cadijirh. Almost one and a half kilometer in diameter, the crystal building was once planned to be an orchard in this dry desert area. However, in ancient times it was handed to the Koolay whose master builders designed the dome and added it to the building. For centuries the hall was being used as the domicile of the High History Council. When the Koolay later withdrew from the equatorial areas, the Khay-duya dedicated the building to Koay without confiding it to a religious order. Therefore, Golay is considered the most important place of pilgrimage in central Columbay today.

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