Council Lenntay of the widhii Ayhiid and Central Council Lenntay of Ayganya
Estimated number of inhabitants:
Further Information:
Beok is one of Ayganyan's oldest lenntayn. After their arrival in Thayloth, the Serganyay developed their second culture in Ayganya from where the early settlers later headed for new land, being on target for Shya-Takkaya and Tekkay.
Despite its historical importance, the old cultural center Beok remained relatively small. With its 250,000 inhabitants - including a comparatively large amount of approximately 4% of Tsippin people - its size is still moderate. Possibly, the enormous heat close to the equator is the reason why the lenntay hasn't grown much - in the afternoon the temperature often rises up to about 80 degrees. Remarkable is also the fact that, despite the geographical fragmentation of the lenntay, no bridges have been built between the single islands, in order not to interfere with the natural environment. Therefore, regular ferry traffic connects the single districts of Beok.
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