Aerial Map of the Karinn
The Symbolic Stone

Number of inhabitants / members of the Fahjiay Order:

T'awal-Gaawnha / Kaandeaagh-Legation
The well-known Mayaha Monastery of the Fahjiay Order is far away from the next sign of civilization. It is located about 300 kilometers north of Fertthoyk, surrounded by the everlasting snow of the southern Moolwia mountains. Mahaya is often used as a meeting point for Koolay and Ayganyay legations learning about the aura phenomena this place is famous for. The monastery itself is known as a place of contemplation, strong power and a highly concentrated form of energy. However, there's no Madogi around and eventhough there are frequent aura eruptions close to the buldings, the probability fields within this part of the world seem to rest in a more or less steady state.

A powerful discharging aura effect right next to
the Mahakh-Ring
Visualization of the
Virtual Fahjiay Triangles (VFT)

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