Copernicus (May 10, 2003)

Copernicus has a diameter of 93 kilometers and its crater walls rise up to an altitude of 3769 meters. In the middle of the crater you find three central mountains of an altitude of about 1200 meters plus several kinds of ruin-like shaped hills. Especially the descending terraces of the inner crater walls are remarkable and so are the beam-shaped structures that surround Copernicus, telling us about the impact it was born through. In the upper right corner of the image you can see Eratosthenes, which is located at the south-western end of the Montes Apenninus. North of Copernicus, the Montes Carpatus show up and in the South of them you find the craters Fauth, Reinhold and Reinhold-B.

Celestron Newton 200/1000, Nikon Coolpix 4500